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Cases and Examples

Real & practical cases of how I landed jobs, how it was live in other countries, how I sold my company, how I created my fund and how other entrepreneur I adviced achieved success

Mindset of an Achiever

Mindset is the single most important factor for achieving. Learn to prepare your mind to win. WIth the right state of mind anything can become a unique chance to take action!

Strategies & Hacks

Promote yourself, networking, learning new skills, organizing yourself, spotting opportunities. Through cases I will hare how to do those things that will leverage your results.

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"Purpose of this site is your Success"

This blog is for successful people to help them handle their goals, mindset and efforts to achieve and leverage their success.

In this personal site I will share how I went from a kid small country town in Brazil to be an investment banker in NYC in less than 5 years.

You will see the experiences, accomplishments, challenges and mindset that were key to bring me where I am today and will take you to the top!

Our story

About Me

I left a countryside city in Brazil alone at the age of 18 with a scholarship to study in Boston. In 6 months I had a company an Acceleration process and in 1 year I had over 30 business clients and an offer to be bought. With the money I began an investment fund and my first year return quickly called attention of the media, where I was featured in one the largest Latin American Finance Newspaper.

Soon I began managing money for others and became an honour writer in two newspapers. Within this period I provided consulting services for NEXT, one of the larget banking startup in the World with over 1M clients and later moved to the Brazilian Stock Exchange to help them create a process to hire, invest and engage wth startups; besides helping them manage a 25M startup portfolio.

Later I moved to Spain to learn my third language and was invited to give speaches to hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from London to Madrid. After coming back to the United States I received an offer from a Global Bank with over 100k employees to be on a 4 people team responsible for all the loans in Latin America. Since then I’ve raised more than US$ 1.15 billion dollars to M&A and amazing projects in more than 5 countries.


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